Ghana’s first restaurant to house entrepreneurs, writers opens

Ghana’s first restaurant to house entrepreneurs, writers opens
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Date: 28-12-2017 Time: 05:12:56:pm
N8tive Food and Beverage Bar

The first restaurant that combines organic local food with storytelling has opened at the Airport Residential Area in Accra.

N8tive Food and Beverage Bar has a natural setting and customer attendants expertly trained to attend to the specific diet requests of customers.

With specially designed seats that add to the aesthetic beauty of the place, the Bar provides a congenial meeting ground for entrepreneurs and writers.

N8tive Bar Founder, Kwame Bekoe told his vision is to transform the way food is handled in Ghana.

“In Ghana to get a good meal that is healthy is difficult so the vision was birthed five years ago to use organic local food in a quality manner and fantastic service,” he said.

But it was Mr Bekoe’s brief stay in France that opened his eyes to ways citizens of a nation could be turned into food lovers.

“I was living in France [and] you know it is a nation of food lovers, particularly when it comes to the quality of their food, so the idea was formed there,” he said.

But the way local dishes are handled in Ghana is his constant worry especially because food is a key component of the culture of a group of people.

N8tive Food and Beverage Bar aims to change that narrative by offering hygienically made local food combined with events such as storytelling and poetry.

N8tive Bar Founder, Kwame Bekoe​

“We want everything to be African inspired,” Mr Bekoe explained, adding there will also be African music as well.

The Bar will also be “a start-up friendly” by providing an environment for people to eat healthily and engage with their colleagues in a healthy discussion.

“We want it to be a venue where people can come and pitch small ideas to investors,” Mr Bekoe said, an agenda echoed by Managing Director Ruth Akrong and Brands Director Adubea Ayisi.

From [L-R] Ruth Akrong, Mr Bekoe and Adubea Ayisi

Mrs Akrong said through a “healthy-styled menu”, N8tive Food and Beverage Bar is set to “change the eating habit of Ghanaians and expats.”

With a target of opening new branches every six month, the Bar is expected to have a heavy presence in the country by 2023.

With the nature of its dream, N8tive Food and Beverage Bar will surely want to be the place where things happen.

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