MPS celebrates 10 years of delivering maritime efficiency

MPS celebrates 10 years of delivering maritime efficiency
Source: Ghana|
Date: 06-04-2017 Time: 05:04:03:pm
Workers of the Meridian Ports Services

Meridian Ports Services (MPS), Tema, has echoed its commitment to continuous investment in human capital and advanced technology to maintain its lead in Port Terminal operations in West Africa.

The CEO, Mohamed Samara made this announcement at an event to mark ten years of its operations in Ghana.

“We know that the output of our staff is a reflection of the skills that they have acquired through training and as such, we will continue to advocate progressive in-service training and development of our staff as well as the use of premium technology; it is through this avenue that we will get even better” he said.

He also praised the employees for their hard work and the diligence throughout the years which has kept the company at the top of the industry.

The ceremony also reflected on the key achievements of the company in the ten years of its existence.

The Enterprise Based Union (EBU), an all-inclusive workers union, lauded Management for its visionary leadership and the high standard of maintenance culture in equipment handling.

“Although there has been a global downturn in maritime trade, however with the remarkable vision of our CEO and Management, MPS has seen an expansion in its activities which we know will help growth in the economy and reduce unemployment. We are only happy to be part of such a forward moving Company.” The General Secretary of the Union, Frank Appiah Okyere said.

The Maritime and Dock Workers Union (MDU), the national union for professional maritime workers was also appreciative of Management’s continuous partnership with the staff which they believe had brought the company that far.

Mr. Owen Kumi, Chairman of the MDU, reflecting on some of the ways in which Management had co-operated with Staff said, “the successes that we have chalked as a company has been primarily because of the unified bond between our management and us as workers. We hope that this bond will improve as the years go by for the achievement of our ultimate vision”.

As a Terminal Operator, MPS has since 1st April 2007 been at the forefront of efficient regional maritime trade. Key highlights of its decade’s existence have been the introduction of sophisticated Terminal Operating Systems, acquisition of high-tech cranes for terminal and yard operations as well as initiating the US$1.5 billion Tema Port expansion project.