Piccadilly launches Cracker biscuits; targets Middle East markets

Piccadilly launches Cracker biscuits; targets Middle East markets
Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com
Date: 30-11-2017 Time: 11:11:57:am

Piccadilly has launched a new Cracker that has already made its mark in the marketplace. 

Piccadilly is giving these Crackers away with every bag of Coreen “Hye Me Ma” biscuits purchased as it delights customers with a glimpse into the future of biscuit making in Ghana. 

“Snaps are a light salted Cracker that simply delights and we are so excited to have people taste the biscuit,” Nicolas Abou Haider, Piccadilly’s new Managing Director proclaims. 

“You would think that it would be impossible to create such a packet of these wonderful Crackers and have them sold for just 50 peswas. But here at Piccadilly, we insist on giving our customers best value,” Nicolas said, proudly.

Piccadilly intends to export these biscuits to the Middle East where it has identified a demand for such a high-quality Cracker. 

It will be the first time that Piccadilly has exported so far afield and this is a tremendous cause for celebration for Ghana, he revealed.  

“We are fed up of seeing imports into our market and it is about time we rose to the challenge of exporting biscuits ourselves,” said Nicolas with optimism. 

“We look forward to delighting our customers with some other interesting biscuit varieties also and we will let you know about them very soon”. 

Piccadilly Biscuits Limited is a family business founded in Ghana over 60 years ago by Dr. Samir Eid, a third generation baker of great repute.

The company has baked quality, wholesome and nutritious biscuits for generations to satisfy the appetites of Ghanaians and others in neighboring countries.

Unlike biscuits that are imported, Piccadilly bakes and delivers oven-fresh biscuits at very affordable prices.

Piccadilly Biscuits are affordable and are delivered fresh to all parts of Ghana on the Company’s own transport.

The Company is managed by a dedicated and passionate team of people under the guidance of the founder’s children who are now fourth generation bakers.

The ubiquitous Coreen biscuit, fondly known as “Hye Me Ma” and by many other local names, has been the mainstay for many hungry students. Additionally, the Digestive, Malt & Milk, and All Time biscuit sachets continue to bring joy to the snacking experience.

Piccadilly’s Gem Biscuits are uniquely baked to an original recipe that was formulated in the UK over 150 years ago and brought over to Ghana by Dr. Samir Eid as early as the 1960’s .

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