‘Dumsor’: Bui Power Plant to the rescue?

‘Dumsor’: Bui Power Plant to the rescue?
Source: Ghana | Odelia Ntiamoah | JoyBusiness
Date: 17-12-2018 Time: 05:12:11:pm

The Bui Power seems to be saving the nation’s power situation as there are indications that the energy sector is facing some challenges in recent times.

Since September the peaking plant which mainly comes on stream in the evening is actually supplying at full capacity.

On the 11th of December, all turbines were turned on for example with its fourth plant; which is a turbine to produce power to the tune of 395 megawatts.
The Bui power plant has the capacity of producing 404 megawatts every day.

Since September the plant has been producing power using almost all its four turbines.

The CEO of Bui Power Plant, Alfred Oware says the water storage went as high as 181 meters which required them to generate more power to avoid spillage.

Though they have this capacity, Gridco can decide to hold on to it if all power plants are working since the Bui plant is a peaking plant.

There are indications that some thermal plants are struggling as gas from Nigeria has become a thorny issue.

The Director of Power at BPA, Samuel Kow Ansah adds that the Bui situation has come in time to save current events.

“The Bui Power Plant is expected to be a peaking or strategic plant, this means we are brought onto the national grid if there are challenges or peak times. About a month or two ago I knew we had some issues with Ghana Gas and its compressor so we were called upon to supply power by the system control (Gridco) since”

Its expected the power situation will stabilize by the close of the year.

The Bui Power Plant generate reactive power, which helps to stabilize power or voltage in the three northern regions.