Ghana’s market more dynamic than Europe, U.S

Ghana’s market more dynamic than Europe, U.S
Source: Ghana| JoyBusiness | JAD
Date: 19-09-2018 Time: 12:09:25:pm

Vice president of Spain-based J.Garcia Carrion, producers of Don Simon Multifrutas believes  the local market is more dynamic than Europe.

Mr. Lucianao Garcia-Carrion Corujo says this makes it challenging but also worthwhile for his company to come up with the best products for consumers.

J.Garcia Carrion is now promoting the Don Simon Tropical can and it is obvious market intelligence has influenced their work in the country.

''Every week and every month we visit Ghana; you see new things. The market is more dynamic here than in Europe and the [United] State,'' Corujo, who is of the fifth generation of the family business told JoyBusiness.

He said, ''For that, you need wonderful partners. You need local things and all the wonderful local things and you need to be very proactive because we love about your customers is that you want innovations, you want new things but you want attractive prices and always at the top quality product.”

The Spaniard added: ''You are very intelligent and you compare a lot. You don't buy something that if it is cheap and it is not top quality. So you want top quality and attractive prices and to work in a market like this is a real blessing.''

Local distribution

In Ghana, Marina Distribution Company Limited is the local distributor for all Don Simon products.

General Manager Sabine Nakouzi says: ''Marina Group has been in the West Africa market for almost 30 years now and out of this, 24 years we have been working with Garcia Carrion distributing the product in the Ghanaian market.

''So, it has been a milestone of new discoveries, new experiences, new challenges. As you have mentioned, being here in the Ghana Market, every day is a learning experience.”

She said, ''The more you engage with the customers, the more feedback you gain and the more you can learn of their interest and how best we can provide the best plans for their taste and options for different consumers.

The advantage of working with Garcia Carrion is the range of products, where you have a range of product available for each and every taste.''