Speed, agility key to future business success – PHD Ghana CEO

Speed, agility key to future business success – PHD Ghana CEO
Source: Ghana | Bismark Awusah | JoyBusiness
Date: 06-12-2019 Time: 10:12:35:am

Tomorrow’s business success will rely heavily on speed and agility, the Chief Executive Officer PHD Ghana, Bright Ladzekpo has said.

Speaking at a Masterclass session on Science meets Marketing in Accra on Thursday Mr Ladzekpo said, “Prepare now for that era, the 2020s are going to be about speed and agility and effectiveness so you need to invest in the things that will make you deliver these things or be able to deliver at a level that your business sectors will require you to do in competing with other brands.” 

He said the corporate world has reached the age of information overload on the part of the ordinary consumer posing as a challenge for communicators, therefore, there is the need for brands to prioritize creativity over relevance to win the heart of clients.

The event saw the launch of a book titled, “Overthrow II” 

The book highlights the 10 different types of strategies and narratives that challenge a brand’s put-out in their communication and marketing behaviour. The book was co-authored by PHD Worldwide with the famous writer of ‘Eating the Big Fish’ Adam Morgan.  

About Masterclass

The Science meets Marketing Masterclass is a monthly two-day intensive but interactive programme designed to provide an invigorating and eye-opening experience for marketing, media and marketing communication practitioners in West Africa.

It seeks to move practitioners closer to the reality of how science and technology is revolutionizing their industry today and is set to disrupt it just like it is impacting many mainstream business sectors.


The event featured a Local Challenger Brand Recognition Ceremony which saw some personalities and companies awarded for strategically playing from a position behind the dominant leader in an industry making the process of their marketing significant to attracting customers.

Some of the company awards include; GLICO as Real and Human Challenger Brand for the year, Awake Water as People’s Champion, Club Beer as Local Hero, the Ghana Post GPS as Feisty Underdog, Fidelity Mobile App as Next Generation, Stanbic Bank Credit Card as Enlightened Zagger, Origin as Dramatic Disruptor, among others.

The personality category includes; the Managing Director of Stanbic Bank Ghana, Alhassan Andani as Real and Human Challenger brand personality, Constance Swaniker as People’s Champion Challenger brand personality, and Uncle Ebo White as Dramatic Disruptor Challenger brand personality of the year.

There was also the presentation of certificates of participation to some members at the session.