Air France upscale services to Ghana; unveils new upgraded Airbus A330

Air France upscale services to Ghana; unveils new upgraded Airbus A330
Source: Ghana | Bismark Awusah | JoyBusiness
Date: 06-02-2019 Time: 03:02:16:pm

Ghana’s growing aviation industry has enticed French Airline Company, Air France, to upscale its services to the country. 

As a result, the company has unveiled its new upgraded Airbus A330 in the country to provide additional comfort to passengers.

Ghana is the first country among other African countries to receive the new long-haul travel cabins available on board the Airbus.

The first flight equipped with these new cabins connecting Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Accra (Ghana) took off on February 3, 2019.

Until the end of the winter season, customers will be able to enjoy these cabins on flights to Accra, Ouagadougou and Houston. 

Speaking to JoyBusiness at a media engagement, the Country Manager of Air France, Dick Van Nieuwenhuyzen, says the country is on course to becoming an aviation hub in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“If you look at first of all the economic surroundings, the economics of Ghana is doing well, the country is growing, the GDP is growing; I think we have a government which is business-minded,” he said.

Mr. Nieuwenhuyzen added, “The simple fact that Ghana has appointed a separate Minister of Aviation, gives me indication that aviation as such is very important for this government; to the best of my knowledge, Ghana is the only country where we have dedicated Aviation Minister; I think if the airlines can pick up the message.”    

Until the end of the winter season, customers will be able to enjoy these cabins on flights to Accra (Ghana), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and Houston (USA). 

As from the 2019 summer season, the new Airbus A330 will progressively serve Accra (Ghana), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Cotonou (Benin), Lagos (Nigeria), Niamey (Niger), Bengaluru and Delhi (India) as well as Seattle, Chicago and Dallas (USA).

According to Air France, the initiative is part of a 140 million euros investment committed to completely redesigning 15 aircraft by 2020 with 36 seats in Business, 21 seats in Premium Economy and 167 seats in Economy cabins.

About cabin upgrades

The new Business seat, adapted to the dimensions of the Airbus A330, offers an unparalleled travel experience. Completely redesigned, the seat converts into a lie-flat bed that is 2m long and 57.1cm wide for jet lag-free flying across time zones. 

Whether travelling alone or with a companion, the new seat adapts to every need. A brand new, extra-wide HD touch-screen measuring over 18.5 inches offers Business customers over 1,400 hours of entertainment. Its intuitive interface comes with a new more user-friendly handset.

In Premium Economy, relaxation and pleasure prevail. Comfort has been redesigned and upgraded on the Airbus A330 with additional space, a 130 degrees seat recline in a fixed shell, one of the widest seats on the market with 48.5cm, 120cm seat pitch, lumbar support adapted to different body shapes and additional storage space. It also has a wider footrest and a 13.3 inch HD screen. The softer seat cushions and wider leather armrests have also been redesigned.

The Economy seat has changed to provide additional comfort, more space between the armrests, reinforced ergonomic foam in the seat and 118 degrees recline. It also features 79cm legroom, a larger tray table, a wider, latest generation 11:6 inch 16:9 HD touch screen.

Featured connectivity

On board all its redesigned Airbus A330 cabins, Air France offers its new Air France Connect Wi-Fi to stay connected throughout the flight. Customers can thus choose from 3 Wi-Fi passes, accessible from their personal devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop).

A free message pass allows customers to send and receive messages free of charge from their favourite apps on their smartphone or tablet throughout the flight. A surf pass also enables customers to surf the internet and consult or send emails. 

Whereas, a Stream pass is available to allow passengers to benefit from a high-speed internet connection to enjoy streaming and downloading throughout the flight for just 30 euros (10, 000 Miles).

The Air France CONNECT offer will also be available on board the Boeing 787 and gradually installed on board the Boeing 777. The entire Air France fleet will be equipped with AIR FRANCE CONNECT by the end of 2020.