NASCO continues to bring families happiness with quality electronics

NASCO continues to bring families happiness with quality electronics
Source: Ghana|
Date: 08-11-2019 Time: 02:11:58:pm

When Electroland Ghana Limited introduced Nasco Electronics to the Ghanaian market some 10 years ago, little was known about the nascent brand in the country.

It was understandable at the time because NASCO was competing with world-renowned brands in the market.

To be the market leader in electronics ahead of these renowned brands required extraordinary efforts, which seemed impossible, considering the Ghanaian market's taste for renowned brands.

However, after many years of consistently producing quality but affordable products, NASCO has become a household brand name in Ghana and many people's favourite brand for televisions, air-conditioners, fridges, washing machines, phones and other household electronic appliances.

NASCO’s rise to market leadership in household electronic appliances has been attributed by consumers to its assured quality, durability, energy-saving qualities and affordability.

As one such consumer put it, “The quality of Nasco products is never in doubt, and the warranties which come with purchasing NASCO electronic products is a testament to their quality and durability.”

The company’s cooling appliances such as freezers and air-conditioners, one added advantage is its efficient energy consumption.

Their appliances are specially designed for consumers with an eye on cost-saving, energy conservation is an essential attribute of all NASCO cooling appliances.