Big data deployment will save many lives - Vodafone CEO

Big data deployment will save many lives - Vodafone CEO
Source: Ghana | | Joy Business | AI
Date: 30-09-2019 Time: 08:09:06:am

Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana Patricia Obo-Nai says big data deployment in the country will save the lives of many people.

Speaking at a "Data for Now" forum as part of the 74th UN General Assembly in New York, she said “The urgent need for accurate and timely data explains why Vodafone is currently leading the drive to use big data for social good in Ghana.

“For the first time in the history of the country, telecoms company is partnering government to use aggregated anonymised data to analyse population movements and other trends.”

She added that telcos are helping to make life-saving decisions during emergency response, health delivery, agriculture, transportation and many other metrics.

The global concept of using data from mobile networks to make life-saving decisions has become very critical, especially in a world that continues to be transformed by technology every day.

In view of this, Vodafone Ghana, Vodafone Group Foundation, Ghana Statistical Service, and Flowminder – a non-profit organisation – have come together to lead the way in using anonymised customer data to track trends in population movements.

This is then analysed for purposes of decision-making for the health, agriculture and transportation sectors, among others.

Vodafone sees this partnership as one that will support Ghana to use valuable metrics in making better analyses and predictions for the greater good of all.

The initiative is also expected to help the country to better measure the Sustainable Development Goal indicators.

Patricia Obo-Nai was on the panel with Mats Granyrd, Chief Executive of GSMA and Dr Claire Melamed, CEO of Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data.

The Forum was hosted by a host of stakeholders including the World Bank group and Ghana government.

Vodafone’s data for good programme is being led by Vodafone Group Foundation’s Connecting for Good initiative and is also receiving generous funding from some private foundations.