A Development Economist at the University of Ghana, Dr Patrick Asuming is warning of a possible food crisis in the country post-Covid-19.

According to him, as the virus continues to wreak havoc across the world food production will be affected.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern at the potential impact of the virus on agricultural produce, which is likely to compound the nutritional deficit in Africa.

The WHO believes the situation is expected to be extensive among those struggling with food scarcity and malnutrition, especially in the face of restrictions placed on movement in countries that are heavily dependent on food imports.

Dr. Asuming is, therefore, urging the government to initiate moves that will help deal with the shortfall as it prepares to ease up the imposed restrictions due to the pandemic.

“Even though we are told food production has gone up because of Planting for Food and Jobs, we still know we import significant quantities of food. Because production and supply chains remain disrupted around the world, we are not going to get back the same quantities of food that we get even when the Covid is over,” he told JoyNews May 14.

The Development Economist further explained that efforts must be channeled towards beefing up the agricultural value chain on the local front.

“We must put in place additional measures to ensure that our food production is improved so that we won’t have food shortages and rising prices when we come out of Covid-19,” he added.