The Aviation Minister is urging more private sector participation in the country’s aviation sector through Private Public Partnerships (PPP) to access the necessary capital needed to expand the industry.

Kofi Adda noted the private sector had a lot to offer especially in the areas of infrastructure development.

He was speaking at the aviation sector’s mid-year performance review which was under the theme ‘Role of Aviation in boosting economic growth in the Era of African Continental Free Trade Area.’

“PPP in aviation sector has the prospects to unlock access to private capital, promote the exchange of expertise in the sector, to bring about the needed innovation through improved technology, financial and operational framework for the creation of jobs.

“With the involvement of the private sector in aviation, the sector’s contribution to the economy will ultimately improve”.

According to Mr Adda, with the current strain on government’s revenue, there is the need to look at alternative sources such as private-public partnerships to raise needed capital for the development of the aviation industry.

He explained that they want an investor to take interest in helping government with infrastructure such as the development of the various airports in the regional capitals.

As an example, he cited the Tamale airport which is being used for a cargo village as well as other infrastructure projects within the airport city.

Touching on the theme for the review, the minister noted his outfit was working to ensure the sector benefits from the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement.

The Aviation Minister also announced that the home-based carrier is expected to come on board in a few months saying.

“The HBC as you may all be aware, once established will be connecting various African cities and advancing our vision of making Ghana the hub within the Sub-Region,” he said.

He noted that the participating stakeholders in the HBC are coming on board with expertise, professionalism and well-rounded experience that will add value to the airline and champion the course of socio-economic growth to the country.

The Mid-year review conference is expected to help generate insight and strategies on how the aviation industry can benefit from the Continental Free Trade as well as strategies to tackle constraints in the sector.