The Abossey Okai Spare Parts Dealers are calling for a swift disbursement of part of the ¢600 million stimulus package to its members.

Earlier this year, the Spare Parts Dealers at Abbosey Okai threatened to increase their prices, but later rescinded their decision, due to the government’s stimulus package. 

However, Co-chairman of the Abbosey Okai Spare Parts Dealers Association, Clement Boateng told Joy Business that they are yet to receive their share of the stimulus package since it was announced. 

He, therefore, urged the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) to accelerate the modalities and disbursement process to enable its members to revitalise their operations with the funds.

“They (NBSSI) are now in the process of disbursing for those who are in the medium scale and small scale and those disbursements are going to be done in conjunction with some banks that they have selected.

“So they are in the process of working out the modalities that they are going to disburse the fund. But we urge them to try as much as possible to speed up the process because our members are on our necks every now and then asking us when the money will come.

“They promised us that by July, they will start the disbursement and finish by August, but we are now close to ending of August and they have not even started the disbursement of the small and medium scale enterprise,” he noted.

President Nana Akufo-Addo on August 17, 2020 commissioned and handed over the Secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Area to the African Union Commission. 

The AFCFTA is expected to commence in 2021. 

So far, 30 countries have rectified the African Continental Free Trade Agreement including Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Niger.