The National Hospitality Association of Ghana (NHAG), has appealed to government to pay part of the salaries of its members as the coronavirus pandemic has left their businesses reeling.

According to Executive Secretary, Theodore Dzeble, the absence of foreign visitors into the country has cut down a chunk of their income.

“We are not asking for full salary support but for some a percentage that which can keep body and soul together,” he told host of Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Thursday.

Mr Dzeble admitted that although the total sum of salaries they expect to be paid by the state is currently unknown, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is in the best position to feed this information to government.

“The oxygen that feeds the industry has been cut off and once it has been cut off, there is nothing we can do about it. We don’t have any patronage,” he said.

He noted that the staff of these hotels have been dedicated to their work for years and a decision to send them home with a month’s salary will be perilous.

“When we lay them off and the situation gets better, what do we do? We have to go through the whole process of re-engaging these people. It will be cheaper if we find a way to maintain them,” Mr Dzeble explained.

According to him, the Association contributes a lot to the economy hence the need for government to sustain the sector.

“It is the duty of every responsible government to ensure that such a significant sector of the economy does not collapse.

“That’s what we are trying to avoid by advocating for government intervention. And this intervention must come in as fast as possible,” he stated.