The Brands Communication and Business Development Manager for Quick Angels Limited, Mrs. Veronica Ofosuhemaa Owusu–Ansah, says Ghanaian entrepreneurs are more than ready for equity financing.

“I have been on the road for the past five months interacting with entrepreneurs on how best to fund their projects and ideas with equity funding across the country. Having related with them from all angles, considering the different background and business focus, I can say authoritatively that Ghana has great intellectuals with a great entrepreneurial mindset,” Mrs. Owusu–Ansah stated.

She added: “Once they [entrepreneurs] are identified, properly nurtured and explored, we will be a country with great people to transform the economy.”

She noted that one thing that keeps getting interesting to know, is the fact that entrepreneurs are ready to relinquish part of their business for equity investors as opposed to the speculation that Ghanaian entrepreneurs do not want to share stake. In fact, some are more than ready to be “idea rockers” where they will only rack ideas and give it out as equity to angel investors.

“It is better to own a small percentage of a thriving business than to owe 100% stake that is motionless due to lack of funds.”
Quick Angels’ regional tour started in June 2019 right after the launch of Quick Angels on May 8, 2019.

The tour was designed to create awareness of the brand while educating entrepreneurs on the need for equity financing and how equity funding scheme works.

Quick Angels Limited is the first and formally institutionalised angel investor company in Ghana that seeks to support potential and existing entrepreneurs as well as businesses with equity financing.