Charterhouse launches Nkomo App

Friday, December 20, 2019, saw the launch of the Nkomo App by Charterhouse at the Holiday Inn hotel.

Nkomo is an App that allows users to connect to each other across the globe without any barrier. With a free and secure connection, users worldwide can communicate with their loved ones via high-quality audio and video calls, messaging, conference calls and group chats.

The Nkomo App also permits users to share their locations, talk time, report on user recharge and many more.

All Nkomo calls and chats are protected by built-in end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing that users’ conversations are always secured.

Speaking at the launch, serial entrepreneur and futurist, Kwame Antwi Opoku remarked that despite the surge in innovation hubs in Africa, Ghana has been unable to produce anything substantive till the creation of the Nkomo App.

“Innovation is really growing in Africa, we’ve seen a huge surge in innovation hubs in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Rwanda, and we’re seeing that more and more young people are adapting to these digital platforms. 

“The real thing that we were seeing, that was a challenge was that we were not seeing indigenous arts that were coming from Ghana, and so seeing what this was doing was so exciting.”

He encouraged all to download and use the app as a way of supporting the growth of technological innovation in the country.

“The call for me is to let us support our own. That has to be the conversation across the board. That’s the only way we can achieve the African renaissance.”

He challenged the developers and other developers, to do more to represent Ghana on the global market.

“My challenge to the builders of this app is to do more, bring us more of such things; we need to be represented on the global market.”

The Nkomo App can be downloaded from Google Playstore and Apple IOS.