The Auditor General, Daniel Domelevo has described as daunting the task of conducting a forensic audit of the Central Medical Stores (CMS).

According to him, much of the evidence that would yield the anticipated results, have been cleared from the scene of the incident, following an order by the ex-Minister of Health, Alex Segbefia.  

The Current Health Minister, Kwaku Agyemang Manu requested the Auditor General to use scientific methods and techniques to audit the operations at the CMS which was razed by a blazing fire in 2015.

The fire occurred on January 1, a day before a planned action to investigate activities and alleged malpractices by the Store’s management.

The fire destroyed medical supplies estimated at some GHS80 million at the time. It took firefighters more than two days to totally bring the inferno under control.

Almost three years on, no one has been prosecuted although investigations by National Security revealed one Samuel Dogbe, said to be a labourer at the CMS, was paid to set fire into the Stores.

But prosecution has delayed because Samuel Dogbe after committing the offense, has absconded according to the Health Minister at the time, Alex Segbefia.

His successor, Mr. Kwaku Agyemang Manu therefore, requested the forensic audit by the Auditor General as well as an advise on the next line of action.

Either the Auditor General recommends a lot more police investigation or arrests, refers the matter to the Attorney General’s office for prosecution or the Auditor General will use his powers and surcharge certain persons involved, he stated on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM Friday.

Despite the challenges he anticipates during the forensic investigation, Mr. Domelevo is positive the team contracted to do the job, will produce significant findings enough for the Attorney-General to begin prosecution of the suspects as well as their collaborators in the arson.

The team is set to begin work next week and has a timeline of two months within which to submit its findings but Mr. Domelovo says “this timeline depends on the availability of information and data.”

“It is not too much dependent on the time but very much dependent upon how the collaborators are ready to help,” he told Kojo Yankson, host of the Super Morning Show.

The investigators he noted, are set to start work sometime next week immediately the contract has been finalised and are expected to submit their findings by February 2018.