Managing Director of Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG) Daniel Wilson Addo has been awarded for his contribution to the growth and development in the banking sector.

He was also recognised for providing excellent banking services in Ghana at the Ghana Development Awards which took place at the Marriott Hotel on September 12, 2020. 

The second edition of the award which is usually held every four years was organised by The Business Executive Limited in Accra.

The award is organised with the aim of recognising hardworking institutions and personalities within the public and private sectors who have contributed to the development of the country and the economy. 

CBG boss, Daniel Wilson Addo honoured at Ghana Development Awards

In a brief remark, a delegation from the bank who received the award on behalf of Mr. Addo thanked the organizers of the awards.

“It is with great pride we receive this award on behalf of our Managing Director and thank you for the recognition given him for something he is passionate about, making a business grow and viable.’’

Adding that “At CBG, our brand promise is ‘We Stand With You’ and this is evident in the work of Daniel, hence this award.  

Daniel Addo upon receiving the plague and certificate has dedicated the award to the many well-meaning customers and stakeholders of CBG who believed in CBG from the very beginning till date.

“Our cherished customers and stakeholders are the reason we are a solid bank. Our brand promise to customers is absolute.’’ 

The Managing Director of CBG has steered the bank from inception to one of the top banks in Ghana, having put in place adept people, technology and processes that meet Bank of Ghana regulations, as well as international standards.

CBG boss, Daniel Wilson Addo honoured at Ghana Development Awards

The bank offers banking solutions that appeal to all, coupled with commendable customer service delivery and a 24/7 Contact Centre having recently gone digital with USSD *924#.

As a bank committed to standing with all, it significantly contributes to various CSR activities for socio-economic developments in Ghana. 

With over twenty-four years’ extensive experience in banking, Daniel Wilson Addo has worked with many banks in and outside Ghana and has contributed significantly to the growth of the banking industry in Ghana.

He has served in several roles in Standard Chartered Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA) and First Atlantic Bank Limited.

At different times he was Deputy Managing Director of UBA Ghana, Managing Director of UBA Tanzania and Executive Director of First Atlantic Bank. 

He has been involved in a bank start-up and two bank turnarounds. With his strategic insights and execution, he delivers on exceptional business growth to create value.

Mr Addo has been very instrumental in building trust in Ghana’s banking sector and under his leadership, Consolidated Bank has made significant strides in two years. 

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