Kojo Antwi and Wife, Rocklyn

In Ghana, when it comes to highlife music made with love-themed lyrics, there is no musician to beat, than the ‘Musicman’.

From his days as Julius Kojo Antwi, to simply, Kojo Antwi, the ‘Bome nkomo de’ hit maker has churned out many songs, which serve as the playlist for most parties, both then and now.

On Friday, September, 3, Joy Entertainment honours this music legend.

In view of this, Myjoyonline.com has pieced together 40 song titles by Kojo Antwi, into a letter that the music maestro is supposedly writing to his wife, Rocklyn.

Please read on:

My dear love (Medofo pa) Rocklyn,

‘Good Morning’. Please come and love me (Baa sumo mi). Do you know that your love is alcohol (Wodo yi ye nsa)? I want to say Farewell (Adinkra) but I am addicted to you. Indeed, ‘I’d give anything’ for your love. ‘I love your style’.

Beautiful Baby (Akonoba), ‘You Are My Shining Star’ and you are mine (me die ne woa). Therefore, Tell Me Something Good (Bome nkomo de) and ‘rock me gentle’, otherwise I will run (Amirika).

My Doll (Akuaba), you know I Need Love (Mehia odo), so come (Bra). We will do it ‘Nice and slow’.

But remember, I hate a Tom and Jerry Marriage (Tom and Jerry Aware3) because I know that a Child Breaks The Shell Of A Snail (Abofra bo ngwa) not that of a tortoise. Please don’t lie to me (Men daada me). If you won’t come, ‘I am coming home’.

My heart’s expert (Makoma Doctor), please know that Love Is Sweeter Than Money (Odo yede sen sika) so, She Who Loves Me (Nipa odo me), do not lead me into Money Induced Madness (Sika dam).

My love star (Medo nsoroma), you should know by now that like a Butterfly (Afofanto), which is seasonal in appearance, you are my Scarce Belonging (Adiepena).  I am like a Feather (Atentenhuro), so your love, like the wind, moves me where you want me to go.

My only love (Menko me do), even if I had wings (Me nya ntaban) like an Aeroplane (Dadie anoma) I will say Don’t Take Me There, (Emfa me nkoho), I mean to the River (Densu).

Before I sign off, Because Of The Love I Have For You (Odo a medo wo nti), I want to say to you and all our loved ones, Let’s Love One Another (Momma yendodo yenho).

Celebrating Kojo Antwi: 40 song titles in a letter to Rocklyn

Friend of the poor (Oni bi adanfo), I am coming for a Bad Dance (Asabone)

It’s me, your beloved Kojo,

‘Mr Music Man’

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