Gospel artiste Celestine Donkor says her manager was offered ¢3000 to get her to perform at a political rally.

In an Instagram post, the singer stated that it was not worth an artiste’s time to risk their career and life for such a “miserable” amount of money.

She explained that if an artiste is interested in performing they should rather push for a “life transforming cheque.”

“My Fellow Gospel Artists, don’t cheapen your integrity, anointing, career and risking your life to covid19 for such pathetically miserable amounts,” the Favour Everywhere hit singer wrote.

Celestine Donkor revealed that the call made her manager angry adding he was taken aback by the request.

In a post shared on Instagram, the manager stated that it is a pity artiste are taking such amount of money to entangle their careers with politics.

He added that for such an amount of money is not worth an artiste damaging their career because of politics.