The National Organiser of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has advised party members to chase out aspiring flagbearer candidates who come to them campaigning for a position yet to be opened.

Kofi Adams said the party is focused on its reorganization efforts and will not entertain unnecessary distractions.  

“Those people they call aspirants who are running around trying to destroy the party we will not give them the place to do that in our party,” he told Evans Mensah on Newsnight on Joy FM Wednesday.

He added that “we have not opened nominations for any aspirant so people going around presenting themselves as aspirants we do not know them.”

According to him, party members should chase out those who come around them and present themselves as potential flagbearers.

Mr Adams said despite Mr Mahama’s support of the party, “if he ever goes anywhere to meet party executives to present himself that he wants to run, he should be chased out.”

Mr Adams has come under immense pressure following a petition submitted to the party’s top hierarchy to suspend him for openly declaring his support for former president John Mahama.

The petitioners said he divulged confidential information in favour of Mr Mahama even before the party holds its primary to elect a flagbearer.

They said he spoke publicly of a meeting between the National Executive Committee (NEC), Council of Elders and aspiring flagbearers who were told to contribute to party activities.

According to them, Mr Adams sought to project the former president as a candidate when he stated in an interview with Joy FM that only Mr Mahama contributed to the reinvigoration of the party.

One of the petitioners Chief Akwatia Bayaga said Mr Adams abused his position because “if NEC wanted that information to be public, they have the right channels of going about it.”

He believes Mr Adams who made the comment in reaction to a statement by one of the potential flagbearers [Alban Bagbin] did so out of malice.

But Mr Adams said as the National Organiser of the NDC, he is grateful for Mr Mahama’s generosity for contributing towards the reorganization of the party.

“He is supporting various efforts of the party to ensure that the party is well positioned to contest the 2020 elections,” he said.   

According to him, Mr Bagbin’s claim that the former president has hijacked the party with the numerous Unity Walk is baseless.

“Former President Mahama is a good party member who feels that he must support the party’s effort. If any other person has the funds and wants to support they should come forward,” he said.

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