Chemico Limited, Ghana’s leading Agro-inputs company has supported this year’s National Farmers’ Day celebration with over GH¢250,000.

The company handed over a cheque of GH¢100,000 to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) and additionally presented some amount and agrochemical products valued at over GH¢150,000 to some Regional, Metropolitan, Municipal, Directorate of Crop Services and District Directorate of the Ministry towards their local celebration of the 37th Farmers’ Day in Ghana.

Chemico Limited Officials including the Marketing Manager, Emmanuel Dzamefe and Emmanuel K. Anim, Product Development Manager were present at the premises of MOFA on Monday to hand over the GH¢100,000 cheque which was received on behalf of the Ministry and the National Farmers Day Organizing Committee by Seth Dumoga, Director in charge of Legal Services, MOFA.

Handing over the donation, Mr Dzamefe said Chemico Limited takes delight to come forth annually with support towards the Farmers Day celebration.

“Chemico Limited is a wholly-owned Ghanaian company so anything that promotes Ghana, the company is proud to support”.

“The National Farmers’ Day celebration is to appreciate our own farmers who are the ones who provide the bulk of our livelihood. Without them we cannot survive as a nation as such any clarion call to support the survival of Ghanaians we are up for it.”

Chemico Limited he assured will remain committed to this year’s theme for the celebration; ‘Planting for Food and Jobs-Consolidating Food Systems in Ghana’ by partnering with MOFA and most especially farmers with quality Agrochemicals & fertilizer products to drive the course.

Receiving the donation, Mr Dumoga praised Chemico Limited for their consistent support to the National Farmers’ Day celebration.

“In fact, it is no surprise to see them here because they have been our partner right from day 1 especially when we started this Planting for Food and Jobs initiative. They have done a good job by providing the right Agrochemicals, fertilizers, insecticides, weedicides to the farmers which have boosted the Project.”

This year’s National Farmers’ Day celebration is slated for the 29th of November to the 3rd of December 2021 at Cape Coast, Central Region.

The theme for the celebration is ‘Planting for Food and Jobs – Consolidating Food Systems in Ghana’. It starts on the 29th November 2021, with an Agricultural Fair, Exhibition and Regional Focus Days and climaxed with a Grand Durbar and Award Ceremony on Friday, December 3, 2021.

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