The Kade Magistrate court presided over by Emmanuel K. Boadu has sentenced a 42-year-old prominent chop bar operator to a fine of ¢800.

00 or in default serve eight months imprisonment in hard labour.

Ama Oye was charged with improper disposal of wastewater in public space and preparing food for public consumption under unsanitary conditions.

However, she pleaded guilty with her explanation which was not accepted by the court.

According to the prosecution led by a Senior Environmental Health Officer, Martin Abotsi, the accused is a chop bar operator at Asoum near Kade.

He said the Health Environmental Officers, on their routine inspection, came across an insanitary earth drain in the neighbourhood and traced it to a kitchen where the accused prepares food for public consumption.

The prosecution said it was also realised that the drains created by the accused were used to dispose of bath and kitchen wastewater.

Mr Abotsi said the accused had also accumulated refuse and other solid wastewater on the premises where she prepares the food.

He said the insanitary drain coupled with the accused’s disposal has made the neighbourhood filthy and unclean.

He said the accused was advised severally by Environmental Health Officers, but she failed to comply and was therefore served with the summons to appear before the court.