Head Pastor of Christ Embassy at Nungua in the Greater Accra Region, Ernest Omoleme, has been remanded in custody by the Ashaiman Circuit Court since last Tuesday.

When arraigned, the accused who is facing trial in connection with charges of trespassing and issue death threat, pleaded not guilty on both counts before the court presided over by Gabriel Mante-Teye.

However, he was remanded in police custody after he was said to have failed to produce an assailant who assaulted the complainant in the matter.

The Christ Embassy pastor who doubles as a zonal pastor supposedly threatened to kill the caretaker of Believers’ Salvation Ministry at Ashaiman over a parcel of land at Community 22 Annex in Tema.

Reportedly, he further ordered a member of his church to assault Charles Anarfi Oppong, Secretary of Believers’ Salvation Ministry.

The prosecutor, Inspector Nunoo Mensah, requested the accused be remanded in order to present the assailant he allegedly brought to the crime scene.

Both churches have property located at Community 22 Annex with a common boundary but misunderstanding ensued between them and the Ashaiman Police invited the two churches for a meeting to settle the boundary dispute but the elders of Christ Embassy failed to honour the invitation.

On August 28, 2018, some members of Christ Embassy, led by the head pastor, fixed a metal gate at the entrance of Believers’ Salvation Ministry to prevent the congregants from entering the premises.

The caretaker at the Believers’ Ministry approached them and asked them why they were blocking the entrance to the church land.

Pastor Omoleme became furious and threatened to kill the caretaker if he dared question their action.

For fear of losing his life, the caretaker immediately informed the secretary of Believers’ Salvation, who subsequently demanded answers from them after he had rushed to the scene.

In the course of the commotion, a member of Christ Embassy assaulted the secretary and tore his attire.

A report was lodged with the Community 22 Police; they issued a medical form to the victim to attend hospital.

The police later went to Pastor Omoleme’s office to invite him to the station to assist in investigations but he stated categorically that he would not travel to the police station until a court summons was served on the pastor to appear before the court.

Meanwhile, the case has been adjourned to September 27, 2018, for hearing.


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