The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) has condemned comments by Founder of Glorious Wave Ministries, Emmanuel Badu Kobi, saying they are discriminatory.

The self-styled Prophet told his congregation that Fante women were prone to behaving foolishly in a relationship, while Ewe women were so docile their husbands turn them into ‘doormats.’

He also said Ashanti women usually come across as mean and greedy in marriages.

The comments have been widely condemned.

General Secretary of the Christian Council, Rev Dr Cyril Fayose, has said in a statement that the comments amount to gender discrimination.

“We, therefore, wish to condemn those statements in no uncertain terms and affirm that such statements do not represent the views of Christianity and the Church in Ghana,” the statement condemned.

The Council further wants all stakeholders to work hard to preserve the national cohesion and the identity of Ghanaians as one people.

“Our rich diversity should be harnessed for the development of our nation and not to be used s a tool for division. The CCG wishes to appeal to pastors in the nation to use their pulpits to unite Ghanaians and not divide us on tribal gender or religious lines. Ghana is one united nation that should be bonded in love and peace,

“The tribal and gender comments made by Emmanuel Badu Kobi…are unfortunate,” the Council said in the statement