A circuit court in Cape Coast has granted bail to the Central Regional Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress, Kwesi Dawood.

Mr. Dawood is alleged to have impregnated his biological daughter and in concert with another accused person standing trial with him, aborted the pregnancy.

On Tuesday, October, 6, Mr. Dawood, in the company of two lawyers and other party executives, went to the regional police command to report himself and was detained after his caution statement was taken.

Police in the Central Region on Monday, October, 11, indicated they were on a hunt for the other accused person as he has refused to report himself to the police.

Kwesi Dawood is facing charges that include, having sex with his own 17-year-old daughter (Incest) and impregnating her, sending her to a quack doctor to carry out an illegal abortion, assault and defilement.

He appeared in court on Wednesday to answer one of the charges- abortion. Police prosecutor, Chief Inspector, Daniel Mensah Gadzo told the court, Mr. Dawood, who works with the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) at Agona Swedru, impregnated his daughter and sent her to a colleague of his, who also works with NADMO at Swedru.

Mr. Dawood’s colleague, allegedly carried out the abortion and the victim bled continuously for days.

The Prosecutor said the victim reported the matter to her mother who lodged a complaint with the police at Swedru.

Both accused persons were arrested, put before the Swedru District Court, admitted to bail and subsequently discharged.

The two were rearrested and the case was later transferred to the regional police headquarters for further investigations.

The court presided over by Dorinda Arthur-Smith, on Wednesday, granted the accused GH30,000 bail with two sureties.

The case has been adjourned to the 27th of October, 2021.

Meanwhile, the accused, Kwesi Dawood, would be back in court on Thursday to answer charges on incest, defilement and assault.

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