The Coalition of Economic Association has rescinded an earlier decision to stage a series of protests against the much-talked-about and controversial luxury vehicle tax.

The Association says their decision follows “careful consideration” and an amicable engagement with the government.

“The association had earlier filed petitions to stakeholders including former heads of state, diplomatic missions and civil society to pressure the government to scrap the tax on luxury vehicles. This petition, thankfully, has been considered by the government ahead of the mid-year budget review.

“The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Attah, had earlier revealed in a presser that the said luxury vehicle tax will be reviewed. Vehicle and Asset Dealers Association of Ghana (VADAG), finds this response disappointing especially when the tax, in all indications, has been criticised by a large section of the business community. We still insist the tax MUST be ABOLISHED and NOT reviewed,” the Association said in a press statement.

“Kum Yen Preko” is a demonstration slated  the Coalition of Social Justice’s (CSJ) July 9 to protest what they say are difficult economic conditions.

The Association says its decision was agreed upon by sub-associations including VADAG, True Driver’s Union, Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC), Ghana Committed Driver’s Association, National Concerned Spare Parts Dealers of Ghana and Jacob Osei Yeboah, an Independent Presidential Candidate in the 2000 elections. 

 “As an association, we are open to further deliberations with the government on the best way(s) of making Ghana business friendly and engaging. High nuisance taxes will not only cause damage to business growth but also stall innovation and job creation. This luxury vehicle tax, if not abolished, could cause such damage.

 “To this end, VADAG entreats ALL members to proceed on normal work activities as deliberations with the government still continues as we disassociate ourselves from ANY protest on July 9 regarding the said luxury vehicle tax,” the statement said.

The statement was signed by VADAG President, Eric Kwaku Boateng.