Center Manager for the West Hills Mall in Accra, Jacob Quarmson says business and income generation have dropped by 70 per cent since the lockdown began.

In an interview with JoyNews’ Piesie Nana Yaw Safo, the Manager compared previous Easter Mondays to that of this year and indicated that, there has been a ginormous difference due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He noted that before Ghana recorded a case of the novel coronavirus, and subsequently the lockdown, about 20,000 people visited the facility regularly. But things have taken a nosedive and they attend to less than 4,000 visitors, he stated.

“A typical Easter Monday at West Hills Mall is crowed. The place will be full with a lot of cars parked. Families walking around buying stuff and some having fun.

“But as you can see for yourself, people are not here in their numbers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And this is having a serious impact on the mall,” he said.

Mr Quarmson was, however, optimistic that the dark days would soon be over for various businesses and citizens to go about their normal duties.

“Everybody is feeling the pinch,” he said. “But it is our prayer that Covid-19 will be over and we can come back to our normal life.”

Some customers also expressed discomfort with the silence and emptiness of the once vibrant edifice.

However, they agreed with the government lockdown directive amid the pandemic and Easter celebrations.

“This lockdown has actually saved lives because some people during Easter celebrations are reckless, causing motor accidents among others,” one said.

Another added: “although some businesses are going down, I think the lockdown is for our own good.”

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