CorpNation Foundation, a Western Region based NGO with the slogan ‘Caring For Society’ headed by Saviour Kwaku Adzika (aka Corp Sayvee), a staff of an Oil and Gas company in Ghana and doubles as a Musician, on Saturday 26th of June embarked on a community clean-up and cleanliness awareness exercise across communities within the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis.

The exercise was spearheaded by the Foundation’s Youth Club at Nkotompo, by the Corporate Youth Club whose slogan is ‘We Care For Each Other.’

The maiden exercise took place at European Town, a suburb of Sekondi in the Yenhiedu Electoral Area with the support of Hon. Abdul Baba Salami, Assembly Man of the community.

Corpnation Foundation cleans Sekondi-Takoradi

This maiden exercise of the Foundation was embarked on to create awareness on the need to practice good personal hygiene and enlighten the populace on why they should ensure a healthy environment in their area.

Members of the Foundation visited various homes in the community to have a one on one interaction with its populace to educate them about the need to keep their environment clean. They also did a thorough clean-up exercise in the community.

Corpnation Foundation cleans Sekondi-Takoradi

Corpnation Foundation has earmarked the following areas to benefit from a similar exercise: Bakano, Komfoase, Getto, Essikado, Adeimbra, Kweikuma, Nkotompo and its environs.

Corpnation Foundation cleans Sekondi-Takoradi

In an interview with the CEO of the Foundation, Mr. Saviour Adzika ( Corp Sayvee) disclosed that “it is at the heart of our foundation to ensure sustainable sanitation in our communities. We continue to seek support from all quarters especially the Assemblymen who are major hosts and also financial support as we are a young and teething NGO.”

Asked how the Foundation could make this sanitation exercise a sustainable one, the CEO said “we are in talks with the Assemblymen to establish branches of our Youth Club in each of the communities. Just as we could move our club numbers from Nkotompo to do clean up exercise in other communities, we should expect members of the club in other communities to voluntarily do same for themselves and their communities according to planned programs. Interested parties can contact Corpnation Foundation on 024 818 5848 for collaborations”.

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