Job search frustrates the strong. It makes one looks stupid. Often sad. Sometimes, too, the period we expend looking for a job could serve as moments of reflection.

Many conflicting thoughts race through one’s mind.

Did I do the right program in the university or polytechnic?

Why did graduate A gets that job and not me?

Did I miss something back in school? Why is the economy so challenging? How come it’s difficult to find something useful to do after suffering to get a degree, diploma or certificate?

The thoughts at this moment are innumerable. Scientists say man processes about 60, 000 thoughts on a daily basis.

My message to you is that focus on what you want and not what is gone past you. If you find yourself in the above situation you’re not alone. Know: you’re in this situation with over 33,000 other Ghanaian graduates walking on our streets each day in search of a job.

I know a friend who walked from Nsawam to Adabraka sharing letters to businesses situated on the road. He printed several copies of his certificates, cover letter, and curriculum vitae (CV) for distribution. He’d served about fifty (50) letters before he got to Adabraka.

Perhaps you may not be that desperate as he was. He backed this with several calls to his course mates back in the university. The news is that he got a job after 5 months being hungry and labeled ‘lazy’ by his parents.

In chapter 9 of my book ‘Lost Leadership Conscience’ titled ‘Dilemma of a Graduate’ (now if you’ve not bought one please do because there’s so much in it for you) I discussed how graduates have contributed to the unemployment situation in the country after the education system.

We have fed into the system that we’re getting an education to work for ‘some’ lucrative businesses to lift our families to the other side of the isle. It’s good and a noble dream.

As a consequence, we approached education in one direction – to be educated, but not to learn. The difference between education and learning lurks the passion for doing something different. We need to find creative ways of solving the economic puzzles the country finds itself and we need to do it for good.

Corporate Powers: Stop acting as a suspect: 7 simple steps to finding a job in a week

Below are seven (7) proven steps to landing your dream job in a week.

#1: Check that Resume – it has leakages – now the whole business of searching for a job is marketing. A company receives so many resumes and has to settle on one. It’s simple.

The one chosen has an impressive resume, and yours is not. Finish. What this means is that your resume was not sellable enough. In short. Your resume failed to hit its target. What you’ve got to do is to redraft your resume to be able to unsettle the employer who sets his eyes on – which will be followed by a call offering you the job. Refrain from letting the lines of your resume show your desperation and frustration. It has to be on point, well organized, cute and/or immaculate.

#2: Accept your status – many people are walking contradiction. They’re desperately looking for a job, yet would lie to a friend that they’re working. Perhaps this should be on top of the list.

If you want to get a job within a week as promised you’ve got to accept your status and prepare to change it. Shoveling it aside will create a temporary relief, but the horror will permanently lurk in your room.

When you close your door to sleep in the night, the thought of being unemployed will begin to haunt you. I’m not advocating for you to sign up for membership of the Unemployed Graduates Association of Ghana (UGAG) – a lousy political group. That will be too harsh a move to do to announce your jobless status to the world.

#3: Prioritize your to-do list – what actually gets you occupied the whole of the 24 hours? How much time do you spend looking for a job either online or from office to office?

To get positive results, you need to spend if possible the whole day searching for that job. Be ready to make the job search your priority. Find yourself doing something that will inch you closer to your dream job.

#4: Don’t focus too much on the internet – Are you desirous of getting the job? Don’t limit your search to only the internet.

An online vacancy may receive more than 1,000 applicants who share your frustration too. However, what separates the next employee from you is the former’s ability to go the extra mile. Sometimes the too serious companies/businesses will not display their vacancies online.

Why not try the newspapers in your country also? What about moving from one office to the other? They help.

#5: Activate your old school contacts – oft ignored by many job seekers today. Contacts of course mates should be activated at this stage.

If you believe time and chance happen to everybody then you will act right. Some people have the ‘right’ connection so upon completion they get employment in plush businesses.

A friend may be a part. Pick your diary or phonebook and start making those calls. Rehearse on what to say so as not to fumble and appear stupid before them. Engage them and ask for referrals to businesses that are employing. There may be a way. You may shine.

#6: Job cold calling (JCC) – Now go online right now. Visit websites of prospective businesses and pick their phone numbers.

Make a call to them introducing yourself and advancing you’re available for employment. Sell your skills to them and if possible follow up with your resume to them for review and consideration.

As a self-marketing person, you’ve got to take this serious. Be passionate because your next job depends on how active and effective you discharge this salesmanship.

JCC is the practice of finding phone numbers of businesses online and calling them to sell oneself for a job. Many of my graduate clients have had their dream job through this exercise. You’re next.

#7: Volunteering – I know a friend who got his dream job through volunteering. After severally searching without success for a job he decided to place his talent at the disposal of his dream company at no cost.

I see you murmuring “This must be a joke right?”.

I’m serious. He’d a paradigm shift. He lifted his eyes from the coveted salary to experience.

He walked to the office to book an appointment with the Secretary to meet the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. On the scheduled day he met the man and told him he would volunteer till he gets a job. He was given a try and he proved himself.

When a vacancy became available he was the first point of call. Sometimes our focus should be to move our eyes off salary as the ‘price’ to the experience we’d stand to benefit.

Now get to work. I bet you. If you’ll follow these seven (7) proven steps carefully and dutifully your dream job is yours to keep.

If you keenly observe the first six steps to the letter you won’t get to the seventh step before you land your dream job.  Or let’s get talking. Link up for further advice via Facebook or LinkedIn. Know: it’s possible to have that job right now and at the right time.


DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.