Some of the persons accused of plotting to overthrow government are said to have held discussions on whether or not to kill the president once their plot succeeds.

They are also alleged to have planned to acquire electronic equipment solely for the purpose of jamming the National Communications Authority’s system to render all broadcasting stations except the state broadcaster useless. 

These are allegations made by Senior State Attorney Hilda  Craig who on Tuesday morning urged the Kaneshie District Court to commit the 10 accused persons to stand trial at the High Court.

Beyond the killing plot, Ms Craig said discussions were also held towards capturing top public officials.

This includes the Vice President, Speaker of Parliament and the Chief of Defence Staff.

She further alleged that ‘the killing of the President’ discussion, however, had the option of being abandoned once the President agreed to announce that his government had been toppled. 

Alajo coup soldiers

She said the accused persons were members of the NGO Take Action Ghana which was to be used as a vehicle to embark on series of demonstrations geared at toppling government.

She added that they procured weapons and test-fired same and contracted persons to manufacture grenades, pistols among other dangerous weapons.

The 10 persons standing trial are Frederick Yao Mac-Palm, Dornyah “Ezor” Kafui (a local weapon manufacturer), Bright Allan Debrah Ofosu (aka BB or ADC)(freight manager).  

Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli and WO2 Esther Saan, Lance Corporal Ali Solomon, Corporal Seidu Abubakar, Sylvester Akanbiri, a civilian employee of the Armed forces Johannes Zikpi and Senior Police Officer ACP Agordzo. 

The state says it intends to call 19 witnesses if the case is sent to the High Court and rely on 113 exhibits