Activities at Ghana's law courts have been brought to a standstill following the declaration of a nationwide strike by the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSSAG).      

The strike, which starts Friday, April 1 has left lawyers and their clients stranded in many of the court rooms across the country, JOYNEWS has confirmed.

President of JUSSAG, Alex Nartey has blamed the strike on government's failure to implement the consolidation of salaries and allowances of the staff of the Judicial Service.

Addressing a news conference on March 31 he said, “After a painstaking period of consideration, the Judicial Council forwarded the approved salaries in June 2015 to the government for implementation. However, after 10 months, the government is yet to implement the approved salaries”, he said.

He said the Association has attempted on several occasion to get government to pay the approved salaries with their attempts neglected.

Mr. Nartey said the only way for the staff of the Judicial Service to return to duty post would be when government is ready to implement the recommendation of salaries adjustment.

However, speaking to JOYNEWS March 31, the Employment Minister, Haruna Iddrisu downplayed the strike arguing it will be unfortunate for JUSSAG members to strike especially when government has shown enough commitment to have the salary discrepancies resolved.

A visit by JOYNEWS’ Raymond Acquah to a number of courts in Accra has revealed almost no activity is taking place.

The strike has affected court hearings with cases which are expected to be heard today left hanging while lawyers and their clients are disillusioned.

JOYNEWS can confirm that Employment Minister, Haruna Iddrisu has joined an on-going crunch meeting at the old Supreme Court room between JUSSAG members, Judicial Council and government officials to find a way to end the strike.


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