Environmental Health Officer at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Florence Kuukyi wants government to set up Environmental Health Directorates at the local assemblies to push the fight against insanitary conditions a notch higher.

Her comments follow government’s quest to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa.

Speaking to Israel Laryea on the AM Show, Madam Kuukyi said an inter-sectoral approach is also needed in this regard.

“We need inter-sectoral consultations. When government is doing something concerning sanitation, it should consult the technical officers,” she said on Monday.

“There should be a directorate for  Environmental Health at the Local Government Ministry so that when you have your reports, challenges and way forward, everything will be collated, sent to the national side and find solutions to it. So this should be done so that reporting can flow. There shouldn’t be a block on reporting issues.”

Madam Kuukyi adds that the introduction of waste traps in our drains will go a long way to reduce the plastics in them.

“We can also have waste traps in our drains so that when it rains, these traps can stop plastics from choking the gutters,” she told JoyNews.

“We can also have water retention pumps at the high side because Accra is at the receiving end. When we have these pumps, they will help to reduce flooding in Accra “.

She also asked government to fully resource the Environmental Health Officers so they can fully accomplish their aims.

“It is only the Environmental Health Officer who prays that clients in the communities change and have clean environments so they don’t fall sick “.

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