Notwithstanding the ‘eviction fever’ going on, the eleven Miss Malaika 2013 delegates braced themselves up and gave a splendid performance at last Sunday’s fashion show which took place at the studious of GhOne TV.

The delegates designed their own beach wear, casual and evening wear dresses under the supervision of renowned designers like Aya Morrison, Elorm Fiagbe, Afri-ken Novelty and Pure Black.

Creativity met with style and elegance as the delegates came out with unique designs that were really captivating and intriguing.

They also showed off their catwalk skills in an attempt to win the Miss Catwalk award for the nite. The delegates: Aisha, Priscilla, Lordina, Lois, Eugenia, Selma, Yoda, Abigail, Twumwaa, Betty and Naa Oyoe all beautifully catwalked on stage showcasing their designs.

Some delegates had good feedbacks from the judges whiles others, according to the judges,went off the mark.

Yoda, Selma, Twumwaa, Eugenia, Lois and Prscilla

The fashion show was judged by Claudia Lumor publisher of Glitz Africa Magazine and Glitz Fashion Shows and Belinda Baidoo, an international model and fashion designer.

Due to their in depth knowledge of the fashion industry, the Judges seemed hard to please, however some delegates managed to impress them. The judges even gave free fashion tips to the female studio audience.

Adina of Stars of the Future fame gave an exceptional musical performance as she sang the popular please let me go song from her new album that got her nominated for best female vocalist at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Due to her exceptional performance, the crowd sang along and even swayed their bodies to the rhythm of her song.

The event, which was also telecast live from the studios of GhOne TV, was well attended – with family and friends of the Miss Malaika delegates lending their support.

The fashion show was sponsored by Da Viva of ATL Fabrics.

Miss Maliaka 2013 is being sponsored by Lux, Rana Mortors, Crown Paints, Sandra Ice Cream, Simbins Furniture, ATL, Kwaku David Photography and is powered by GhOne TV with support from Charter House Productions.

Voting for the eleven Miss Malaika delegates is still on going through 1757 across all networks.