Crop Scientists at the University of Cape Coast are proposing a fruit eating policy for the country to boost the immune system of Ghanaians.

President Akufo-Addo in his recent address to the nation asked Ghanaians to eat more fruits and vegetables that will boost their immune system.

The Department of Crop Science at the University of Cape Coast has thus developed a fruit day calendar that could guide the country to implement such a policy.

Crop scientists at UCC propose fruit day calendar for the consumption of fruits to boost immune system

A lecturer at the Department of Crop Science, Dr. Frank Kwakucher Ackah says the proposal, a fruit day calendar, will seek to promote the consumption of at least one fruit a day to boost the immune system of Ghanaians in this COVID-19 era and also encourage farmers to grow more fruits.

He argues that apart from people adhering to the appropriate preventative actions, particularly hand hygiene and appropriate social distancing, the appropriate defense mechanism to allow the body to stay strong is very pertinent.

“Our consumption of fruits in Ghana is very low and this is not good for our immune system. We need to develop a conscious effort to consume at least one fruit a day,” he said.

Dr. Ackah intimates, for instance, that the country could have a mango day, a pineapple day, an orange day, a watermelon day in each day of the week, going by the fruit calendar.

The crop scientist further explains that apart from the fruit calendar helping boost the immune system, the policy, if approved will encourage farmers to stay in business.

“Many farmers in the Central Region have stopped cultivating fruit crops because they don’t have market for their produce.

It is not uncommon to see fruits on the shoulders of farmers on the road begging for buyers but this policy will encourage them to go back into fruit crop production,” he explained.

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