The Deputy Director-General of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), has said there are plans to establish a Digital Agric Innovation Hub to facilitate information sharing for all local rice farmers on effective and sustainable farming practices. 

Prof. Paul P. Bosu said, “Over the past years, we realize that there is a disconnect between what we do in terms of the research finds and what farmers also do.

“We have all the research finds but how best can we make them available to farmers to ensure that they are not left out in research and innovation in the Agriculture sector. That’s the main motive behind this Digital Agric Innovation Hub that will be available to all farmers at the comfort of their phones.” 

Speaking at the sidelines of a national coordinating committee meeting for agriculture extension officers by the CSIR, he stated that the Digital Agric Innovation Hub is expected to come to force by June 2020.

Meanwhile, the former Chief Director of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Kweku Owusu Baah, has called for a national taste test to increase consumption of local rice. 

As the National Food and Buffer Stock raise alert over a glut of local rice in the rural belt of Ghana, there are questions over how the low consumption of Ghana rice could cripple the country’s rice value chain. 

Mr Owusu Baah said, “This national taste test will help expose Ghanaians to how nutritious and healthy Ghana rice is.”

The country’s voracious appetite for imported rice according to analyst have an apparent negative effect on the national economy.

Though it is one of the four main cereals produced and consumed in Ghana alongside maize, millet and sorghum, many believe that efforts made in the past to resolve the rice importation puzzle virtually failed to produce the desired results rendering it a seemingly intractable enterprise.

While rice farmers are asking the government to get them a ready market for their produce, some others are making a difference in food production despite the many challenges they face in their work.