General Manager at AshFoam Ghana, George Massih says cybercriminals are targeting the activities of furniture and bedding producing company.

Mr Massih said Ashfoam as an organization had issues with cybercrime activities where people had been imitating the websites, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms of the company and putting up fake accounts and numbers to dupe clients.

“This is a big problem and very  alarming to us as an organization and other companies but it looks like authorities do not seem equipped to handle this kind of threat,” Mr Massih said.

He made the statement when Mr Albert Kwabena Dwumfour, Organizing Secretary and aspiring presidential candidate of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) paid a visit to the Ashfoam Head Office in Accra.

Cybercriminals target Ashfoam

He added that Mr Dwumfour was familiar with the distress and challenges of the Organization and was hopeful he would continue from where his predecessors left off when given the opportunity as GJA President.

Mr Massih said the Organization had directly employed 4000 people and about 13000 indirectly but the high rate of sneaking second-hand mattresses and products into the country was affecting them, saying it might lead to a decline in employment rate if authorities did not stop it.

“We have tried as much as possible to stop this activity but it is still prevailing so we need a voice to let the authorities know and realize that it is still happening and affecting us, because we cannot compete with something that is free,” he added.

He urged the Media, GJA to engage authorities on pressing issues affecting organizations, to let authorities know and understand their plight and hold them to task.

Organizing Secretary, Mr. Albert Kwabena Dwumfour and aspiring President of GJA, said there was the need to strategically position GJA to deepen and strengthen the relationship that existed between the Association and other corporate bodies to understand their plight, and challenges confronting them and inform authorities to come to their aid.

He said the meeting was to assure the Organization that as the National Organizing Secretary, an executive and aspiring candidate for GJA, would work closely with support and ensure that businesses thrive and grow in an enabling environment, championing and protecting local businesses.

Mr Dwumfour appealed to the media to cease unnecessary attacks on businesses, adding that organisations had endured trying moments under Covid-19 and there was the need for surviving businesses to be protected.

“We don’t need to encourage attitudes where somebody will deliberately attack businesses for their selfish gain because if the corporate thrives in an enabling business environment, the media stand to gain, “he said.

Mr Gabriel Asante Bosompem, the campaign manager, urged all aspirants to understand each other and remained calm, truthful and be factual about issues on the ground.

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