After ramming his car into that of the President, and subsequently serving a 9-month sentence, Thomas Osei is in the news again. This time, he engaged the People’s National Convention (PNC) parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso West, Henry Asante, in a street fight in which he beat the latter to pulp.

Mr. Asante, who is also the spokesperson for Dr. Edward Mahama, flagbearer of the PNC, told Daily Guide that Thomas Osei had tightly held his throat till the pupil of his eyes vanished and that he narrowly escaped death due to the intervention of bystanders.

Henry Asante disclosed further that when he tried to free himself, his fingers slipped into Thomas Osei’s mouth and the latter started to chew them.

“He really beat me and it happened on the street so everybody was looking at us and those around only came to rescue me when they realized that the man had become very violent.

“Even till now, I find it difficult to swallow even saliva.” Mr. Asante added.

According to the PNC stalwart he was rushed to the hospital to seek medical attention immediately after the thrashing and that he had lodged a complaint at the Legon Police Station.

Though Mr. Osei did not pick his phone when he was called in an attempt to get his version, his wife, Sarah Doe, confirmed the incident and said she was one of the persons that intervened to avert a catastrophe.

Mr. Osei’s wife, Sarah Doe, is Henry Asante’s sister and that the fight occurred near the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

Narrating her side of the story, Sarah Doe said she was driving towards the University of Ghana, Legon, when she saw her brother, Henry Ashanti who said he was heading towards the same direction so she gave him a lift in her car.

“Suddenly I saw my husband’s car driving at a very high speed after my car so I told my driver to slow down for him to pass but he rather crossed us and almost pushed our car into the bush.

“He parked in front of us, got down, rushed to open the back door of my car and pulled out my brother and just started beating him,” Sarah Doe stated.

She said Thomas Osei was in the company of a friend who joined in beating Henry Asante.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE in separate interviews, both Mr. Asante and Sarah Doe said they were yet to understand the behaviour of Thomas Osei.

Mr. Asante said though the case had been reported to the Legon Police Station, the docket was transferred to the Accra Regional Headquarters without his knowledge.

The PNC candidate maintained that he wanted the case to be forwarded to the courts

Source: Daily Guide