Dating: The science behind the language of love

It’s said that couples can finish each other’s sentences after they’ve been in love for a long time, but maybe it was their similar way of speaking that brought them together from the start. New research shows that we are attracted to people who use language comparable to our own. Examining speech and style of writing, experts noticed that people are not only more attracted to, but are also more likely to stay in a relationship with someone who talks like them.

Though previous research has shown that people are attracted to others with similar physical and personality traits, this study is the first to look specifically at language. In one part of the study, subjects were put in a speed date scenario. Disproportionately, speed daters who had similar speech patterns wanted to go out on another date. The study also looked at couples already in relationships. Partners who utilized similar vocabulary were significantly more likely to still be dating several months later.

Since communication is a pivotal part of any relationship, it makes sense that people want a companion who speaks in a similar manner. Forget French and Italian, the real romance language is whatever the object of your affections speaks.