Referee Maxwell Hanson running away from his attackers

The management of Brong Ahafo United (BA Utd) has urged the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to demand independent reports from the security committee monitoring team who were at the coronation park during their aborted division one league, zone one match with Real Tamale United (RTU), on Sunday.

At a hurriedly organized press conference, the Chief Executive of BA Utd, Majaa Kwame Baah said, “It may also be of interest if the views of the security commanders leading their respective units are sought to unravel the circumstances that lead to the abrupt end of the game”.

He believes information from the officers will aid the disciplinary committee of the GFA to appreciate exactly what happened and inform their decision.

The tension-packed week 27 match between BA Utd and RTU ended abruptly after referee Maxwell Hanson refused to continue the game after a chaotic first half.

Demand independent report from security committee team, others to unravel truth - BA United to GFA
Majaa Kwame Baah, CEO and James Ashaquaye, General Manager (in Yellow), BA Utd

According to Kwame Baah, “some miscreants perceived to be infiltrators entered the field of play to harass the referee”, for awarding what they claim was a dubious penalty at about 40 minutes into the game.

They also argued, they had two alleged penalty situations, but the referee ignored their appeals.

This temporarily held play for several minutes until the referee rescinded his decision to award the penalty against BA Utd.

Even before the play resumed after the chaotic scenes, the decision to reverse the penalty call also angered the RTU fans who allegedly threw stones and other objects onto the field of play, thereby endangering the lives of the players, referees, technical and security men on the pitch.

The combined Security of Police and military personnel and the appeals of the players and officials of RTU managed to restore some level of calmness which afforded the referee the chance to complete the first half.

Referee Maxwell Hanson, however, decided not to continue with the second half because of the threat on his life by the fans at the stadium despite protestations and appeals.

BA Utd CEO, Majaa Kwame Baah, flanked by his General Manager, James Ashaquaye, said, though they unreservedly condemn the behaviour of the alleged infiltrators, blame referee Maxwell Hanson for “his bizarre officiating”.

They want the GFA to get to the bottom of the unfortunate development by demanding the accounts of key officials, including the GFA’s security monitors who were at the Coronation Park and commanders of the security details present.

Meanwhile, BA Utd, who were at the coronation park at 10 am Monday, with the expectation of a continuation of the abrupt game, as discussed by the referee and the two captains, suspected foul play with the no-show of the officiating officials, match commissioner, and RTU players.

“Their absence on Monday morning feeds into the narration of a conspiracy between the officials and RTU against BA Utd”, he alleged.

Kwame Baah added that because of that they are meeting their legal team late Monday to file a formal protest to the GFA to award them the three points and three goals according to the rules of the game.

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