Smirnoff Double Black Ice, a product of Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd, over the weekend held the first ever double sided party, “Jungle Rave”, to entertain thousands of fans at Iroko beach, Kokrobite in Accra.

The event was in line with the brand’s purpose of making good times better for its consumers.

The unique party which saw the beach double as a jungle, featured two of Ghana’s young and vibrant entertainers, Joey B and MzVee, as well as continent’s number one disc jockey, DJ Black who charmed the crowd with thrilling performances.

It was a day of fun and games, with lots of excitement for young adults 18 years and above.

Fans participated in exciting games and interactive activities such as Limbo, Double Side Maze, Ice Dip, Double Dice Board Game, and Crown Mine where participants dug up and searched for Smirnoff ice crowns to win special prizes.

Commenting on the event, Solange Kuimo, Head of Innovations and Marketing Manager of Spirits, said, “It is fulfilling as a brand to bring together young adults to have fun responsibly. It has been a wonderful party. Smirnoff is passionate about exciting its consumers in a unique way by making good times better for them and today has been no exception. There are a lot more double-sided activations Smirnoff is bringing up soon that our consumers should look forward to”.

Mrs. Kuimo also used the opportunity to counsel the audience on responsible drinking.

She said: “As a young adults between 18 and 24, having fun with friends becomes a good part of your life but the Smirnoff Ice Guy or Lady has fun responsibly. Let us take note to drink responsibly, not just at this event but at all times and wherever we find ourselves”. She congratulated the crowd for making it to the event, and the media for consistently supporting the brand.”

The Smirnoff Double Side campaign is aimed at giving young adults the opportunity to break free from their typical lifestyles.

It is an integration of fun activities on social media and on-ground activations that provides the platform to socialize and relieve stress in responsible and exciting ways. Smirnoff Double Side campaign creates the platform for the young adult to show the other side of their character unknown to their peers.

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