Two organizations on Wednesday made donations towards the reconstruction of the Accra Zoo.

The Multichoice Ghana presented 100 bags of cement whilst Toyota Ghana Limited presented five million cedis through Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) an NGO.

Mesdames Anne Sackey, Public Relations and Publicity Officer, Multichoice and Gytha Nuno, Executive Secretary, FONZ presented the donations to the management of the Accra Zoo at a ceremony at the new site located in the Achimota Forest in Accra.

Receiving the presentations, Mr. Andrew Adjei Yeboah, Deputy Minister of Lands, Forestry and Mines said government appreciated the contribution of individuals towards the reconstruction of the Zoo in Accra.

“The President is interested in what is being done here, so he instructed that the cost for the reconstruction of the new Zoo be incorporated into the 2008 Budget,” he said.

Mr Adjei Yeboah said a total cost of six billion cedis had been earmarked for the construction and appealed to individuals and corporate Ghana to support the reconstruction effort, saying, “When this zoo is completed it would bring in more businesses for corporate Ghana, especially with promotion on tourism.

Dr Richard Suu-Ire, Manager, Accra Zoo, said the new site was being developed as a breeding ground for endangered animal species within the West Africa sub-region.

“We are appealing to individuals, NGOs, and Corporate Ghana to assist us with animals and money so that we can have a zoo that would be used both for educational purposes and recreation,” he said.

The Accra Zoo was relocated in Kumasi to pave way for the building of the Presidential Palace.

Source: GNA


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