Former Black Stars defender, John Paintsil, has advised Ghanaians not to write off local coaches but rather give them the opportunity to exhibit their competence.

CK Akonnor recently got sacked by the Ghana Football Association as the head coach of the senior national team due to bad performances and results. His records as Black Stars head coach made some Ghanaians question the capability of trainers in the country.

However, Paintsil who is now into coaching himself, believes the local coaches still have what it takes to handle big jobs like the Black Stars.

“They [local coaches] stand a big chance and they have a bigger page to tell because most of the coaches are doing well,” he said in an interview with National Attoh on the Joy Sports Link show.

The former Fulham fullback also listed some Ghanaian coaches whom he thinks deserve a chance at the big stages.

“Odartey Lamptey has been here for a while and then, Didi Dramani who is also working outside in and out. We have Laryea Kingston coming, Godwin Atram is also in. Awudu Issaka is also working so hard and we still have our former national team coach Kwesi Appiah also around. We have many of these local coaches who are doing well. And don’t forget that these coaches are holding License A. We have more than 150 coaches holding CAF license A in Ghana here and which they need the opportunity to do well. But if you don’t give them the chance to do well then there is nothing that we can do and the supporters will also see.”

The former Fulham right back believes Akonnor would have still qualified Ghana to the World Cup despite picking three points from two qualifiers.

“For instance the World Cup qualifiers, CK Akonnor would’ve qualified anyway, but when the decision is coming there is nothing that you can do. We should not underrate the local coaches, we should give opportunities and chances, “he concluded.

The Black Stars will face Zimbabwe on October 9 in a World Cup qualifier double header.

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