The embattled new medical superintendent of the Upper West Regional Hospital, Dr. Barnabas Gandau, has been sworn into office despite agitations by some staff over his appointment.

Since Monday, some nurses and doctors have refused to work in protest to Gandau's appointment.

They prefer Dr. Chris Opoku Fofie, a Gynecologist at the hospital, who they say has laboured enough and therefore deserves the position.

According to them, about ten doctors who were posted to the hospital in 2006, Dr. Fofie was the only one who has stayed on.

Although he travelled abroad to further his education, he returned to work at the same hospital after his studies.

This in their view, should be enough to earn him the position.

However, earlier today, Dr. Gandau was introduced to the staff of the hospital although the event was boycotted by some unit heads of the hospital.

The new medical superintendent of the hospital said he bears no grudge with any staff and called for calm.

“What they were expressing was an appreciation of someone who has done well for them and I don’t have any doubt that that person could not have stopped them from doing that demonstration,” said Dr. Gandau.

He adds that he is assured of the full support of the extended management who will now trickle down the information and the assurances to all the workers.

He assured that no staff member will be victimised although they rejected him, adding, “I don’t have enemies, only friends yet to be known," he told Joy News correspondent Rafiq Salam.