The East Mamprusi District of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has expressed worry about high incidents of teenage pregnancy in the area.

The GES Secretariat of the district located in the Northern Region has also raised concern about the unwillingness of parents to invest or make education a priority for their children.

District Director of Education, Dawuda Nafisah, revealed these at a presentation ceremony by East Mamprusi District Assembly in the district capital, Gambaga.

The assembly presented 230 bicycles to girls in the area assist them with commuting long distances to schools.

The presentation is part of the projects under the Ghana Partnership in Education Fund Grant.

26 hardworking teachers were also rewarded with electrical home appliances such as television sets, cylinders, blenders, and mattresses.

The Ghana Partnership in Education Fund Grant is a World Bank programme aimed at improving the planning, monitoring and delivery of basic education services in deprived districts of the country.

75.5 million dollars is expected to be invested on 79 deprived districts in Ghana to serve as a non-salary supplement to improve quality, access, bridge gender gap and improve on education managements in the areas.

The implementation agencies are the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service.

Madam Nafisah said many parents often withdraw their children from school to work for them in their farms, while others get impregnated by adults.

She said these make the girls unable to attain educaiton.

District Chief Executive for East Mamprusi Adam Imoro appealed to parents to take the education of their children seriously.

He announced that untrained teachers in the district who are deliberately refusing to improve themselves by failing to take advantage of access courses and the teacher training college in the district will not have their contract renewed by the district assembly.


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