The Eastern Regional Hospital is currently able to conduct Covid-19 tests and produce results within four (4) hours.

This has been made possible because the government of Japan and UNICEF donated a Covid-19 testing and diagnostic machine to facilitate testing for the virus in the region.

Health experts say speedy testing is very key to combating the coronavirus pandemic.

The Eastern Region was faced with a delay in test results as thousands of samples taken from suspected cases were sent to Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research but took about two to three weeks before results were released.

Being the regional treatment center for Covid-19, the Eastern Regional Hospital plays a critical role in the fight against the pandemic.

Eastern Regional Hospital produces Covid-19 test results within 4 hours

However, due to this donation, the hospital’s narrative has changed.

The Director of the Hospital, Dr. Ako Akoto Ampaw told JoyNews the facility has been conducting its own test barely two months now.

However, noted that providing results within four hours has been a challenge due to a backlog.

“We have been conducting our own tests thanks to UNICEF. Though the machines we have can produce the results within four hours, we usually will delay a bit to about 24 hours due to backlog or minor challenges we may face. But all things being equal, we are able to take the samples and produce the results within the stipulated four hours,” he explained.

Eastern Regional Hospital produces Covid-19 test results within 4 hours

Dr. Akoto Ampaw revealed that the test is free, adding that persons who may be suffering from Covid symptoms may visit the facility and be tested.

Covid-19 cases in the Eastern region as of July 25, 2021, stood at 4,795 with 85 deaths.

A total of 1,069 health workers in the Eastern region have so far been infected with six fatalities recorded.