The founder and president of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has described the Electoral Commission (EC’s) publication of the voter’s register in the form of a google document as irresponsible and absurd. 

He said the explanation by Chairperson Jean Mensah for the action is unacceptable.

“Everything you’ve heard from the EC boss is a cantata of a lot of amateurish errors,” he told Daniel Dadzie on Prime Morning, Wednesday.

The EC Chair has stated in an interaction with journalists that the publication, which has been heavily criticised as being a breach of voters’ privacy, was done in accordance with electoral law. 

But Mr Cudjoe disagrees saying it was a poor application of the law. 

“The fact that the law gives you right to publish names does not mean that you should use the least of all the technology that could be accessed by just everybody in any part of the world and just dump the data there.

“I knew this EC was incompetent but I didn’t realise they were irresponsible as well.

“I asked my team that we should just stop talking about the EC but we couldn’t help it when we just realised that they had gone on the lowest depth of absurdity in order to publish this critical data.”