The Grand Finale of the Miss Malaika 2013, which comes off this Saturday, October 12, at the National Theater, is expected to be an all girls affair as Eazzy, Efya Becca and Raquel brace up to thrill at the event.

It's going to be a fierce contest between all four female divas as each of them prepare fervently towards stealing the show on the night.

With some few days to go, the final ten Miss Malaika delegates, Twumwaa, Selma, Lois, Lordina, Yoda, Abigail, Naa Oyoe, Priscilla, Aisha and Betty are also preparing eagerly towards this weekend’s event.

The delegates after a luxury trip to South Africa last week, have begun feeling the pressure of the competition once again.

But on the big day, Efya will bring the best in the delegates with her ‘Best In Me” song, Becca will make the delegates feel proud to be women and Miss Malaika delegates with her “African Woman” song, Raquel will make guys sing “Sweetio” to the delegates and to cap it all, Eazzy will make the crowd “Scream” out the name of the winner.

The grand finale will no longer be a competition between the delegates nor the celebrity god sisters alone, but also the female artistes.

It will be a night of fun, excitement and unending thrills as Charter House, event organisers, and their sponsers crown this year’s Miss Malaika at the National Theater.

So who will the queen be, is it going to be Naa Oyoe, Twumwaa, Priscilla, Selma, Aisha, Betty, Lois, Yoda, Lordina or Abigail?

Come support your favourite female artiste to win the performance on the night. Tickets  are available at X-MEN, Koala and Charterhouse for GHC30 standard and GHC50 premium.





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