Interior Minister Ambrose Dery

Interior Minister Ambrose Dery has condemned the murder of social activist, Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed, by two unknown assailants at Ejura Sekyedumase.

Speaking to JoyNews, Tuesday, Mr Dery indicated that the government will leave no stone unturned to ensure the perpetrators of the crime face the full rigours of the law.

“Whoever is it who attacked Ibrahim Kaaka committed a criminal offence. We condemn it. Government does not support criminal acts at all. I am assuring you that government is not out to protect any criminal.

“If he kills you today, he kills me tomorrow and so we are not interested in that. We are a democratic country and we are prepared to give an account,” he said.

Member of the Economic Fighters League, Ibrahim Mohammed was attacked in front of his residence by two individuals on Saturday. He sustained several injuries to the head and was rushed to the Ejura Government Hospital. But Mohammed was pronounced dead on Monday.

His death has resulted in many calling on government to ensure the perpetrators are brought to book. Kaaka’s death sparked agitations by the youth of Ejura who took to the streets to register their displeasure.

The Police have since picked up two bodyguards of the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of Ejura Sekyedumase, Mohammed Bamba.

Before his death, the late Kaaka is said to have alleged that the MCE’s bodyguards, threatened him for making government unpopular with his social media activities.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Interior has urged Ghanaians to desist from politicizing such important matters. He is of the view that charting such a path would only shift the focus off the criminals.

“Don’t let us allow criminals to get away because while we are supposed to be pursuing them, we are engaging in this argument. I am making sure that the Police follow up,” he stated.

Mr Dery used the opportunity to express his condolence to the bereaved family for their loss and urged that, “all who have information about what exactly happened should come forward.”

The town of Ejura Sekyedumase on Tuesday recorded two additional deaths resulting from a clash between Military personnel and the angry protestors.

The angry youth hit the streets of Ejura Sekyedumase to demand justice and accountability from the Police concerning the death of their colleague, Kaaka Mohammed.

The clash between the Military personnel and the rampaging youth, has resulted in two deaths and four others in the hospital for sustaining severe injuries.

The MCE, Mohammed Bamba, said he was not sure whether a call he made to the Regional Command of the Police Service is what resulted in the deployment of the Military personnel to restore order in the town.

“As to whether the Divisional or the Regional Commander asked the Military to come or not, I wouldn’t be able to say it now. But what we needed at that material moment was security presence to support the operation on the ground.

“But yesterday, we had discussions that the Regional Command should be informed for them to help us with reinforcement. I cannot say now whether the reinforcement that the Divisional Commander called for, that is what brought the military or not,” he stated.

The MP for Ejura Sekyedumase, Mr Mohammed Bawa Braimah has meanwhile, admonished all protestors to return home to prevent further casualties.

“I urge the youth that at least everybody should exercise restraint. I plead with everybody, everybody in Ejura-please exercise restraint,” he said.

“All the leaders, traditional leaders, the Muslims, Churches everybody should come out and plead with the youth to retire to their various homes and ensure that there is peace in Ejura,” he said.

Retreating, according to him, is not a sign of defeat but a sign of respect for the fallen protestors.

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