Scores of supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) converged at the Efua Sutherland Park in Accra on Wednesday for a mammoth rally, where leading party members impressed on them the importance of eschew complacencying and voting in large numbers.

Even before the NPP flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo and his running mate Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia arrived at the rally around 5:15 pm, the atmosphere place was charged, with supporters dancing to party songs and tooting horns in excitement.

The euphoria was heightened when Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr. Bawumia appeared in an open-top vehicle, waving to their teeming supporters. The security detail could hardly control the energized supporters as they shouted, “Nana, we love you,” and, “Nana please come to our rescue.”

Many traders cashed in on the rally, taking the opportunity to sell as much NPP paraphernalia as they could.

Addressing the crowd, NPP National Chairman Jake Obestebi-Lamptey, charged NPP supporters across the country to vote massively for Akufo-Addo because, he said, Ghanaians cannot tolerate four more years of mismanagement under the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He alleged that the NDC came to power solely to enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary Ghanaians, and that the NPP therefore seeks the support of the electorate to replace the NDC with a “visionary and forward-looking leader who is bold and decisive.”

NPP Communications Director Nana Akomea said that on Friday, Ghanaians will have the opportunity to decide whether to maintain the current status quo of corruption and incompetence or to transform their lives with new leadership.

Addressing the supporters mostly in Akan, he pondered why President Mahama, who benefited from free secondary education, a policy that had made him what he is today, was bashing that same policy now that it has been propsed by the NPP.

NPP General Secretary Kwadwo Owusu-Afriyie, also know as Sir John, reiterated earlier speakers’ admonitions to vote out the NDC.

According to him, Ghanaians have for the last four years lived in misery and need to “boot” the NDC out of government and elect Nana Akufo-Addo, who in his view has better policies than his opponents.

Former President J.A. Kufour accused the NDC of lying about their achievements in office, explaining that since coming into government, the party has been taking credit for projects that he had initiated during his own presidency.

He mentioned, for instance, that the NDC took credit for one of his projects, which during the NDC’s tenure in office led Ghanaian farmers to produce one million tons of cocoa in a single year

He pleaded with Ghanaians to use Friday’s election as an opportunity to effect more substantial change in the lives of Ghanaians by voting for the NPP.

Nana Akufo-Addo, the rally’s final speaker, reiterated his commitment to implementing his widely-touted free senior high school policy, adding that the NPP had done the calculations and knows that free SHS is achievable.

“We know we can do it. It must be done, it can be done and it will be done,” he insisted.

He said that the social intervention policies introduced by the Kufour regime are falling apart under the NDC administration and he promised that if elected, the National Health Insurance Scheme, which he claimed is near collapse, will be revived.

He parodied the NDC’s widely known slogan “edey be keke,” with his own taunting version of it, saying, “let me tell them you dey go keke.”

Akufo-Addo said the next NPP government would make sure that every single Ghanaian benefits from his policies of prosperity and added that he has come to build on the foundation of former President Kufour.

“We are coming to strengthen the unity of our country and promote reconciliation. We are not going to be vindictive. We are going to open up Ghana for all to contribute to the prosperity that we seek to pursue,” he pronounced.


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