The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has been asked to embrace digital tools to meet the changing needs of the educational sector.

According to Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei-Mensah, this is the best way for members to remain relevant to society.

“Our encounter with covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the fact that technology in education and modern learning has become a necessity in the 21st century.

“If the education sector or specifically the teacher unions will be more relevant and vibrant, technology must be applied in all spheres,” he said.

The minister was speaking at the 53rd regional delegates’ conference of GNAT at Ejisu.

The 3-day event which is part of activities to mark the 90th anniversary celebration of GNAT is under the theme “GNAT at 90: Advancing as a Relevant, Vibrant and Surviving Teacher Union in the 21st Century”.

Ashanti regional deputy police commander, DCOP David Adjem Agyemang charged the teachers to make efforts to train law-abiding students.

He believes consistent capacity building is essential.

“As teachers, it’s your responsibility to inculcate in the children you teach, the etiquettes of good citizenry, which includes amongst others to be good citizens, to respect the law of the country and to be upright and moral in all the things they do.

“If you do not educate yourself you may not be able to teach the children what they’re supposed to do to be good citizens,” he said.

The Ashanti region GNAT has grown to over 44,000 with 20 GNAT districts.

Regional GNAT Chairman, Rev Canon Francis Senkyere called on GNAT national executives to rectify issues of unresolved GES/SIC Group Life Insurance deduction of members, promotion arrears, salary and upgrading payment issues among others.

He warned of industrial action if the difference in salaries between government appointees and public sector workers is not addressed.

“Kindly use your good office to help members to bridge the gap between the government appointees and public sector workers on much salary differences which if not checked can spark unnecessary industrial attention in the country,” he said.

Proprietor of Jackson College of Education, Prof. Ebenezer Jackson called for unified front in order for the Association to remain progressive.

“If we do not have a unified front we’ll fight against each other. For us to move forward we need unity,” he said.

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